wide awake mornings

the secret to making your mornings bright


note: this is a sponsored post with Maple Holistics, but all opinions are 100% my own.

raise your hand if you have ever climbed out of a 20 minute shower only to feel sleepier than you started and wanting to crawl back in bed? oh good, it's not just me then. the water's warm, the apartment is cold in the winter and and my bath products smell soothing, causing me to take forever. my daily routine was slow to start until i started using Maple Holistic's tea tree oil shampoo

this shampoo might not look like a salon shampoo, but as soon as you open that cap a powerful fragrance of bright tea tree oil wafts out waking up those sleepy senses. i use a small amount through my hair and instantly start to feel more awake. the tea tree oil not only cleanses, but stimulates the scalp, giving you the carpe diem feeling.

i'm definitely a wash and repeat kind of girl, which is perfect for this shampoo since i always feel like the second lather is richer and more luxurious than the first. after the final rinse, my locks feel squeaky clean (even if a little tangled). as soon as i've added a little conditioner though (i've been loving Nexxus lately), my hair feels wonderful. 


inspired by the plant that produces the beautiful oil, i painted a little section of the blooming melaleuca alternifolia plant. those blossoms are so fluffy! 

want a boost in the morning, but sure you want to make the full commitment to leave your usual shampoo? Maple Holistics has samples readily available. once you try it though you won't want anything else.