back to school shopping with me

it's that time of year when everyone is sharpening fresh pencils, packing new backpacks and decorating dorm rooms so why not go shopping for what you need with me. i'll show you how to make my products (and others i love) fit perfectly in this next stage of life. check it out! 

and welcome to roberts hall: my freshman year dorm! and where my husband and i first met

dorm room style

other ideas!


backpack chic

adding patches or lapel pins to your backpack can show off your personality before you even say "hi". here are a couple of my favorite pieces of flair. 

or maybe backpacks aren't your thing - try a tote, string bag or laptop sleeve instead. 


for the love of notes

and with a new school, comes the need for new school supplies! like a cute cheetah patterned journal for all those homework notes, or puppy post cards for saying hi to friends far away and botanical stickers to decorate those course folders! click each image to go to the products.


easy, inexpensive gifts

with the start of a new year comes the exciting time of greek rush - with excited bigs looking forward to meeting and treating their littles! give them something special this year and here are a couple ideas. 

with move in day fast approaching, do you feel ready? don't worry if you're not. the day you move in you're bound to realize you forgot something and most schools are close to a Target ;). just keep in mind, this is only the beginning. good luck to all those new students! and if you're a soon-to-be Mercer University bear, check out my fan attire, fan flair and leave a comment!