megan's holiday wish list // 11.25.15

eep! the holidays are right around the corner. is anyone else already loving the lights and decorations? i am so excited. Jas and i have been planning our thanksgiving meal for a little while now; this will be our second year hosting thanksgiving in our 809 square feet apartment. wish us luck! 

to help ring in this wonderful time of year, i asked a couple of my spotted! celebrities to come back and chat. first up is Megan Carn, the fabulous abstract artist. she's been ultra busy working on beautiful new pieces, hosting trunk shows and art classes, and getting engaged (congrats girl!!) but she was kind enough to get this holiday swap started. read on to hear about her tradition and see what's on her wish list this year. 

so Megan, what is your family tradition?

My family Christmas has changed and varied from year to year. Sometimes, we go out of town, and sometimes, we stay home. Sometimes, we open gifts on Christmas Eve and sometimes it Christmas morning! One thing we always do though, thanks to DVR, is binge watch a long list of Christmas movies on Christmas Eve! It is the best.

This year, I have a dog and a boyfriend... that means we are going to start the tradition of dressing our pup and ourselves up and creating a really fun Christmas card. Can't wait to get brainstorming!

i love that she is about to start new traditions. last year Jas and i combined our favorite family traditions as the base for our own so who knows what will happen this year. and i am sure Megan's Christmas card is going to be precious! 

as for her holiday wish list, she sent me only the cutest gift ideas - whether you're looking for the designer in your life or even the tech lover, Megan has some fantastic suggestions. 

  • SplurgeI love Britt Bass Turner, and this painting is everything I could ever dream of! I can't wait for the day when I can own my own piece. (Read: Boyfriend, get this for me for Christmas, plss.)
  • Sassy Styler: Lulie is so cool. I think this scarf is totally unique, but not too expensive, and not trying too hard. It's perfect. 
  • Gallery Wall Lover: This strawberry print would be perfect in a kitchen, a pantry, a child's room, or a gallery wall! It is 11x14, so it is easily framed as well.  
  • #BossLady: Classic stocking stuffer, teacher's gift, anything really. Just grab a gourmet bag of hot chocolate, coffee, or wrap a box of k-cups in cute gift wrap and viola! Done! If they aren't a #BossLady, don't worry. There are a ton of adorable mugs on this site!
  • Tech Lover: I love these rings. They basically notify you when you have a text, call, or notification (according to how you set it up), so you don't have to have your phone in hand 24/7. 
  • DesignerAll of her pillows are fab, and they are unique. They are colorful, high quality, and you are supporting an artist.. it's the best. 

do you think any of these gifts will make it on your wish list? or maybe a friend's? to be honest, all of these items might be added to mine. :) and if you know someone who needs some inspiration, be sure to share this post with them so they can see these gift ideas will help. 

oh and keep your eyes out for some new things from Megan; i hear there might be some pretty stationary coming soon. follow her on instagram and her blog for all the latest and greatest. talk after thanksgiving! have a wonderful day filled with good food and lots of love.