barcelona wine bar

i didn’t think we were going to spend our Halloween afternoon in Inman Park, let alone at the Barcelona Wine Bar, but it turned out to be perfect choice.

Inman Park is a quiet area along the beltline with this gem of a wine bar. the restaurant drew us in with delicious aromas that cut through the drizzly day. the inside space was mellow and mysterious with rich, dark woods and industrial black metals. the serving staff was all dressed in honor of the holiday and our server was one of the three amigos. we sat at a small high top with a view out the side street window. that window turned out to be an excellent spot since we were able to watch the 3rd amigo hustle in the doors with his guitar.

the menu was a large folded paper with wines by the glass and beers on the front while tapas, brunch and plates were on the inside folds. the selections were intricate combinations, like chorizo and figs, spicy meatballs in a ham tomato sauce and lemon-ricotta lavender honey pancakes. our taste buds were dancing. we both ordered drinks, a malbec and a fu man brew, and snacked on the crunchy, fluffy bread. we felt shielded from the gloom while eating and drinking.

we listened to two ladies next to us giggle and gossip about their friends. we smelled sizzling plates served to other tables wondering what they ordered. and we watched a older couple sit at the bar tasting bottles of wines and only drink half of their selection. between the food and the quiet ambiance, Barcelona Wine Bar has now become another must on our Atlanta Eats list. 

oh and we found THE ALBERT; he's a pretty cute one too.  

have you been to Barcelona Wine Bar before? i would love to hear about your experience at the wine bar so be sure to comment below. be sure to check out their events that happen a couple times a month and follow them on Twitter for updates.