latest loves // 5.28.15

you know when you find something that you love so much that you can't stop telling your friends about until they try it? well, i found 4 things this month that I can't believe i have been living without and 1 thing that is just too cute.

1. fresh Rose Cleansing Foam

i hate to say it, but i almost always forget to take my makeup off at night. i know, i can hear the gasps through the screen, but this Rose Foam Cleanser makes me want to wash my face multiple times a day! it smells heavenly and feels like silk. 

2.  Illume Go Be Lovely Cactus Verde Hand Cream

i also almost never use hand cream, but my mom does all the time and her hands feel like silk. now that i am trying to prep my very messy hands for wedding season i thought I would start being a lady. i couldn't have picked a better one either, it smells beyond delicious!  i don't even have to wear perfume when i put this cream on and Jas always tells me i smell great when I use it. 

3. Muchi, Muchi Essie Nail Polish

it simply is the perfect pink. for your toes or fingers, this color is pink without being overwhelming. it's my new take on neutral and will be worn during all of wedding season! 

4. Nail & Cuticle Oil Sally Hansen

this oil is truly a life saver! I have awful cuticles but this oil revitalizes them and keeps them from peeling. i use it every night and have seen an amazing difference in my nails. i highly recommend it. 

5.  Red Crane Trinket Bowl

this little bowl is from Anthro. it's super simple, super cute and just the right size to catch anything on my sink. i've already filled it watercolor tubes and a couple erasers. i love the pattern. 

what have you found this month that you love? i always like trying new things and its the best hearing it from friends so please comment below!