Gypsy Kitchen date

it had been one of those weeks, both Jas and i were exhausted. to make things better i made a dinner reservation at Gypsy Kitchen. i had been there for work happy hour, but was dying to try it for a date night.

Gypsy Kitchen has a sultry vibe; there is a great mix of dark woods and intricate lights with a rooftop patio with an open air space. overall, the space is gorgeous. 

we started the night off with drinks; they were divine! i ordered the evil eye, a citrusy gin drink with lots of punch and Jas ordered the spice trader, another spicy drink that was delicious.  

we chose two appetizers to split - the chicken croquettes and Spanish cigars. the croquettes were creamy on the inside with beautiful flavors and the outside had the perfect crisp. the Spanish cigars had bleu cheese, dates and Serrano! all wrapped in a flaky pastry wrapper; what's not to love?! 

for our entrees, we selected beef tenderloin tips and the butifarra. the tips were smokey with and cooked to a beautiful medium-rare. the bleu cheese dipping sauce was a beautiful compliment to the meat. the butifarra consisted of two perfectly cooked pork sausages. the flavors were overwhelmingly good and paired with the beans amazingly. the whole time we were just making "yum" sounds. every bite was more and more delightful. 

overall, we had a romantic night full of good food and drinks. Jas and i were impressed and have added Gypsy Kitchen to one of our favorite date night places. we cannot wait to come back in and try more. see more of my most-loved Atlanta hot spots on MyFab5

what are some of your favorite Atlanta date night locals? we would love to explore more. be sure to comment below.