spotted! Lisa Groveman of Love & Embers // 6.1.15

washington DC, maryland & virginia
custom floral designer, Lisa Groveman

I've always admired people who can create beautiful arrangements from living blossoms; being a floral designer is definitely on my bucket list. It's nothing to throw a bunch of grocery store bouquets into a vase and call it day but to truly be able to transform the individual flowers into a beautiful unit is an art. Then I found such an artist - I am excited to introduce you to Lisa Groveman, founder of Love & Embers, a Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area custom floral designer. I found her on Instagram and realized she's my floral design heroine. Her work is amazing; the designs are filled with the freshest, seasonal buds with bold, vivid colors; everything I adore in design. 

My favorite of Lisa's arrangements are her floral crowns; they're gorgeous, spotted with large blooms of peonies and roses with stems of greens. I am head-over-heels in love with her designs; they have a mix of whimsy, romance and elegance. I reached out to Lisa to find out how she began crafting these gorgeous arrangements. Read below to hear how she started, her inspirations and best advice.  

1. When did you decide to start designing such fun head pieces and how did the process begin?

I have always had an itch to create, and love trying to DIY everything and anything I think I can get away with. My husband and I got engaged early last year and I started practicing with flowers for the wedding throughout the wedding planning process. I ended up having someone else make my crowns so I could focus on the more important aspects, but ever since the wedding I have been obsessively finding ways to create new and exciting designs. 

2. How do you choose the blossoms you use? I wouldn't even know where to start!

That is hard for me too! I like to use what's in season and what looks the prettiest in the flower market at the time. I think a lot of that is driven by my mood and what catches my eye :). But being able to look at the blooms and pair different colors right there on the spot is great because no two designs ever look the same!

3. what is your favorite type of flower? Do you use it in your crowns?

It is so hard to pick one... I have always loved peonies, they just open up so beautifully and have a certain grace about them. I really love poppies as well, the colors are so bright and fun. 

4. What is your favorite way to style a flower crown?

Natural, with hanging vines. I love a messy crown that looks like little effort was given to put it together, yet it looks just perfect that way.

5. What design has been your favorite so far? I am partial to the simpler designs with the fewer larger blossoms. 

I would say a crown I made for a maternity shoot, the bride has such a fun request - she wanted a few large blooms on a very simple line of flowering pink jasmine. I found the most amazing giant blush pink ranunculus, and paired them with a stunning white peony. It turned out beautifully and looked stunning on her. That and she was just glowing as a soon-to-be momma, and collaborating with her was a treat.

6 .What are 3 things you cannot leave the house without?

  • Cell phone - obvious 
  • Snacks - a must. My schedule tends to be pretty sporadic, and when hunger calls I like to have things to munch on. I am constantly hungry and rely on small meals throughout the day for fuel, my mind just doesn't work right if I'm not fed!
  • Wallet - man these are obvious, but I am scatter brained and it's not a good day when I forget my wallet! ;)
  • (just in case you want to use a more fun answer :D): Makeup bag - just because I never know when something will come up and I need to look presentable!

7. What is your go-to lipstick shade?

It's a lip liner and it stays put all day, no joke! It's 'True Red' by Sephora. My ultimate go-to. I'm legitimately obsessed! I also love dabbing a darker shade of oxblood red in the center of my bottom lip for a more dramatic evening look. 

8. How do you keep inspiration fresh in your studio?

My studio is a sunroom in the back of our home. The large windows bring in a ton of sunlight so it feels like I'm working outside, which is so great because the vitamin D always gets me motivated and inspired. I gravitate to designs that are commonly found in nature, things that look like they just kind of happened that way by some divine plan, so being out in nature helps to bring me back to basics. I like to make a chemex each morning and head straight to that room to read my Bible, which helps me to stay centered and focused and to really appreciate each day as a gift. Oh and of course, I love browsing through Instagram and Pinterest for new ideas.

9. How would you describe your personal style?

Simple, laid-back and a touch bohemian. I love neutrals with a pop of color here and there. I'm a sucker for anything flowy - comfort is key!

10. What was the biggest obstacle you faced while pursuing your dreams?

Love & Embers is a brand spankin' new babe and luckily I haven't faced any obstacles. A challenge I can note here is trying ot execute my business plan and grow the company to meet demand. Right now it's just me, so it has been difficult for me when I have to turn clients away based on my schedule, but I can't wait to be able to accommodate more fun requests as the company grows.  

11. What is the best advice you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs? What is the best piece of advice you have received? 

I am lucky to have a lot of inspirational people in my life who have encouraged me to do what I enjoy and to do it with excellence. My husband has been my number one motivator, I am so grateful for his constant nudging, support and encouragement. So for that reason I would say, whatever creative itch you have -- just go for it. Find a way to make it happen and just start creating in your spare time no matter how little that is, the rest will come. 

I hope you loved meeting Lisa. If you're outside the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area, you can follow Lisa and the adventures of Love & Embers via her Instagram or website. But if you're close by, be sure to see her for all your custom floral needs; she's amazing!