June Etsy Faves

Etsy is definitely a weakness of mine. not only do i sell my products there, but i love finding art for my gallery wall and gifts for friends! plus i have been wedding shopping like crazy. this past weekend i spent some time looking through some of the new shops where i had already favorited items; there are some pretty fantastic shops! here are three of my top choices!

The Atlantic Ocean

this shop is completely filled with ocean-life inspired accessories; anything from bucket bags to surfboard bags. the highlight is the gorgeous neutral pallet that i just can't get enough of.  

Therese Kuempel Jewelry

just look at these pieces; they remind me of wearable sunburts! 

Liquorice Moon Studios

gorgeous ceramics with splashes of gold and cobalts. the plates would make lovely jewelry dishes or catch-alls on a hallway table. just so pretty. 

do you have favorite Etsy shops? i would love to see! list them out in the comment section below. maybe someone else will find exactly what they're looking for with your suggestion.