#fitlroadtrip to Charleston // 8.24.15

it never ceases to amaze me how quickly my weekends with Bonnie fly by - we always plan to do so many things, but end up reverting back to our college dorm days of laying around, talking and drinking wine. but hey, i’m not complaining! here is a photo recap of my time in seaside city

friday - drive in + night on the town

  • arrived at Bonnie + Kevin's apartment - it was a long drive!
  • ate dinner at Eli's Table
  • walked around town until the rain - we stopped in CandleFish for a couple things and i bought a great foil print of seasonal fish! - we also passed the cutest honey shop where i wanted everything

saturday - farmers' market in town + adventuring + relaxing

  • ventured to the farmers' market - i found the world's perfect mug and a killer screen printed pig diagram
  • ate lunch at Lowcountry Bistro - everything seems to be called "lowcountry" around there - while we ate the rain poured and poured - the street was flooded when we walked outside
  • headed home to snuggle on the couch and watch movies - picked Kevin up and ate pizza for dinner
  • drank wine and watched the Bronies documentary because who better to watch it with than your best friend! 

sunday - napped + drove home

  • slept in and chatted when we woke up
  • napped for a short time
  • drove home missing Bons the minute i left

while they might be moving away from the pretty state of South Carolina, i am already looking forward to my next road trip to see them - Washington state here i come! 

okay, i might fly.