road trippin'

i am officially taking my first road trip alone - i know, it's long overdue. i don't normally travel more than 2 hours by myself; i almost always have Jas or a friend to keep me company. i just never see a need to go alone. but today is different - today i am adventuring to see my bestie in Charleston, South Carolina. 

so today i have 5 hours to look forward to hanging out alone - i have this sense that my thoughts are going to be deafening during this drive. but, i have prepared a couple of things to help me on this trip….

  1. waze app - this app is amazing! if you don’t already use it, download it right now. it is a community-based mapping system that alerts you of upcoming traffic, police and the shortest routes in real-time. it will drain your battery though so make sure you keep it plugged in during use and close the app completely afterwards. 
  2. podcasts - i have downloaded a handful of the latest episodes of my favorite subscriptions, LORE and After the Jump. i even grabbed a couple extra that i’ve never listened to, Mike & Tom Eat Snacks, Mystery Show + Reply All. 
  3. water bottle + snacks - i don’t leave home without my wate rbottle anymore. i can’t decide if it’s a good thing or bad haha; on one hand i am always hydrated, on the other i always am needing to make a pit stop! i also loaded up the truck with all sorts of munchies on my way home from work yesterday - think goldfish, dried cherries and white cheddar popcorn. mmmMmmm!
  4. travel clothes - i laid out my outfit the night before; comfy jeans, beat up t, sunnies and a ball cap. everything about this means i am down for comfy! haha
  5. phone charger - i double checked and triple checked that my phone charger WITH CAR ADAPTER was in the car because with my luck i would forget it. thankfully though, it’s ready for a long trip. it would be awful to have the podcasts or music die in the middle of the drive. 

so i feel pretty well prepped and i can’t wait to spend the weekend with my long lost friend. i will make sure to share my adventures on Instagram so keep your eyes open for some fun things. 

do you have a couple road trip necessities that help you pass the time? share them in the comments below. see ya in a couple days Atlanta; Charleston here i come! be ready Bons!