tea over coffee // 09.01.15

i love coffee - the smell, the color, the sophistication... i love it all. but coffee make me unbelievably full and to make it worse i end up feeling bloated for the rest of the day. so i've turned to tea for my caffeine needs!

i know, i know, how can tea be a replacement for coffee? well, it's not just a replacement, its delicious. i'm still able to enjoy something warm in the morning and get my dose of caffeine to take on the day. but who knew tea could be delicious?! its a sneaky drink - tea draws you in with its amazing aromas, but always returns to a disappointingly weak flavored water with a sip. after years of feeling lied to, i've finally mastered the cup of earl grey! here's my formula:


  • perfect tea cup
  • earl grey tea
  • boiling water
  • honey 
  • quiet time in the morning


  1. add 2, yes 2, earl grey tea bags to your tea cup
  2. pour the boiling water into your cup
  3. let the tea steep for 2 minutes then remove the tea bags
  4. squeeze a dollap of honey into your cup
  5. relax in your favorite chair and enjoy your morning 

and that's all it takes to have a perfect 7 minutes in the morning. 

the other night i decided to try my favorite tea in something besides water - a cookie! inspired by a recipe i found on Design Love Fest for earl grey chocolate chip cookies. i couldn't decide if the combination sounded amazing or strange so naturally, i had to try it! 

they actually turned out to be delicious! the tea made the chocolate pop and the cookie had a beautiful aroma. 

so if you're a coffee or chocolate addict, try adding earl grey to your life for a fun twist!  enjoy!