sunday prepping // 08.31.15

during the week Jas and i are exhausted and the last thing we want to come home to is a bunch of ingredients just waiting to be cooked. so on sundays, we prep. and what better way to make the week easier than with pre-prepared frozen crockpot meals! 

a couple weeks ago i ran across the New Leaf Wellness article with 31 crockpot recipes. so today Jas and i decided to try some! we went through the list and found a couple that looked extra enticing and bought all the supplies... we might have been in the grocery store for an extended period time... and in case you didn't know, i hate the grocery store.

plus it was really fun to make these meals together today. we each took a couple recipes and were able to get all the meals make in about an hour.

our littler helper was even there - she ate all the pieces that flew widely from the cutting board with my amazing knife skills! or lack of knife skills. (PS - check out's videos for some pointers on cutting those difficult veggies)

so in an hour we had 5 prepped crockpot meals for the week! talk about life savers. be sure to take a look at those recipes next time you're trying to keep your week from being extra stressful. be sure to leave what things you do to make your week easier in the comments section below. happy eating!