new year // 1.4.16

to me, 2015 year was a blur. does anyone else feel that same way? so much happened; smiles, tears, adventures and staycations. here's my 2015 photo recap:

a favorite 2015 memory actually consists of a couple; i loved being able to interview some amazing people over the course of the year. a jewelry designer, floral stylist, photographer, food truck owner and a subscription box founder! each with so many wonderful ideas and advice - i always felt inspired after writing up their feature. 

to ring in the new year, Jas + i hosted our first new year's eve party with my bestie; it turned out to be such a fun decision. who knew 809q ft could feel so spacious with 10 people in at one time!

we played 2015 trivia games, the card game exploding kittens, nibbled on homemade munchies and sipped Jas's homemade rosemary, baby cocktail. 

i was so wrapped up in cleaning the day before that i didn't take any before and after shots of the apartment so you could see how we rearranged, but here is my best tip - what i will say is that a mirror will make your room feel immensely bigger immediately! oh, and put all the things that aren't necessary for a party in your bedroom and shut the door haha. instantly hidden with so much more space. 

anyways, it's the monday back and i know we all are struggling with these post-vacation blues so i thought i would leave you with my favorite piece of advice from this perfectly timed article  article written by Amelia of Man Repeller. enjoy! 

Avoid babies, too
Always sleeping and eating. So rude.

ps - new year resolutions coming soon!