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if you didn't see last Sunday's instagram photo, than let me catch you up - we bought a new sofa! but even better, it's a SAPPHIRE BLUE VELVET sofa!! i don't think i can express my absolute love, so let me post more photos.

it was one of those incredible treasures found while looking for table lamps in HomeGoods today. i had admired it when we initially walked in and could not stop thinking about it. so it came home with us! i was driving Jas crazy telling him to avoid this dripping bridge or the dripping icicles on the parking deck, but it arrived to the apartment in one piece with no harm done. it was such an amazing feeling to toss our old couch out; it had been hard as rock and incredibly uncomfortable. now the hardest thing will be keeping Tucker off of it.

i'm still trying to find the perfect pillows to complete the styling, but i have some great inspiration for reference. 

photo sources: Pinterest

if you have had/do have a velvet furniture, i would love to know how you like it and if you have any recommendations for keeping it pristine. i've been researching the best ways to maintain velvet since i've never had anything larger than a dress, but the internet, while helpful, can also point you in the wrong direction so first hand experience is always the best. comment below with your helpful tips.