outside the lines: summertime reading

summer is a season for reading, at least for me. i can't decide if my desire to read more in the summer is because the days are longer (tricking my body into thinking i have more time than normal) or if the local library succeeded in their brainwashing scheme of challenging myself to read more. do you remember those brochures that looked like treasure maps that would track how many books you read that summer? yea, i kind of wish there was one for adults. #ChildAtHeart

with the desire to read more comes the challenge of what to read. we have a massive bookshelf with tons of books and yet, always struggle to find something new. 

i am in the middle of Vanity Fair right now (which is fantastic by the way, definitely a must-read), but that won't last forever, so i need your help; what should this summer's list include? leave your favorites in the comments below.