Mission Accomplished

The birthday extravaganza was a success. Not only was the Yacht Club Bow Tie Blowout theme pulled off, but the birthday boy was beyond surprised. The only downside is that my camera would not tun on so I did not have any pictures from the party on Friday night. This weekend ended up being a birthday weekend for my wonderful boyfriend. Not only did we celebrate the day of, we also carried the festivities onto the day before and after. Here is how it went -

Friday - The Party:

With help from my amazing friends I was able to get off work at 5pm and decorate the party house in little under an hour. We hung all the lights, positioned all the candles, hung the ropes, mounted the anchor and life raft I painted, and managed to keep the solo cups from falling all over the place. When I left the house to go change, the only thing that needed to be done was light the candles. After racing to get dressed, I was picked up and we went to the store to pick out the beady little creature we were going to eat. It was a little hard knowing he was alive before eating him, but I knew he was going to taste good. During dinner I had to think of a ruse to get Boyfriend to the party house without raising suspicion. Thankfully, I had lost my keys a little bit earlier and I used that

as my excuse. (Most normal people wouldn't think that losing their keys to be a good thing, but this time it worked.) With that story being told and a part or two being made up about a friend finding them and we needed to meet them at the part house, we set off. When he opened the door everyone yelled surprise and the party started. His three best friends from home arrived shortly there after and the night was perfect.

Saturday - Breakfast in Bed & the Real Birthday:

That morning was french toast morning. I woke up extra early and made him french toast while he slept. Then he went to work. I did some homework and cleaned to keep myself occupied until it was close enough to dinner to make him his cupcakes. They weren't anything fancy, just devil's food and chocolate icing, but who cannot be happy while eating yummy chocolate cupcakes. I was really excited because I had planned on making 21 little goodies, but I was only able to manage 20 out of my batter. I made too many fat little guys. It turned out alright in the end though. I put an extra candle in one to make up for it. That night we made Parmesan encrusted tilapia and couscous for dinner. It was so extra yummy. Afterwards I gave him his presents and lit the candles.

Yes, even at 21 I made him blow them out and make a wish. We hung out with some of our friends for the rest of the night and relaxed.

Sunday - The Final Day:

I made him breakfast again this morning as his final birthday weekend treat. It was nice spending some time with him before he had to rush to work.

Overall, he seemed to enjoy his birthday weekend and I loved planning it for him. I cannot wait to see what wonderful things I can think of for next year! Well, it is back to the old life of homework. - Ciao