My Night

Oh tonight. What a night. Realistically, what a day. It seems relatively endless. I don't understand how 2 weeks can seem so far away. My to do list continues to grow longer and longer while my motivation depletes. After a lovely dinner of Publix brand mac & cheese I was able to find a small pick me up. Chocolate Fudge Frosting!

Yum. Between spoonfuls of that I have been working on my final piece for my painting portfolio that is due Friday. It is a fairly large piece and I am not the biggest fan of working on such large scale, but whatever. This time it will have to do.

Did I mention that one of my painting from this semester's art class won second place in a campus wide exhibit? No? Well, I was thoroughly impressed. Generally I do not find my work to be exciting or impressive, however this piece was different. I based it from an image from Southern Living. I loved the photograph so I thought why not paint it. I was only doing it for class and honestly wasn't sure that my professor would like it, but here it is.

Anyways, I need to get back to my homework. No more art time for tonight. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I can continue to muster enough strength to make it through the rest of this semester. -Ciao