Peer Pressure

This past week I gave into society pressures... I bought my first iPhone. Yes, I know that the brand new iPhone 5 is coming out in September. However, if only you knew my track record with phones...  I have a bad tendency for something to go wrong. Every time. No matter what. I try to avoid it, I really do. I try to make them last for the whole 2 years. It just never works. Of course, when syncing the phone to my iTunes I was asked to name it. So I named her Kylie. Here I was, all excited; my apps downloaded, my photos all arranged, wallpaper changed... but the main thing I completely forgot to think about was a case! Since I have trouble keeping a phone intact why would I overlook such a valuable thing for my new, expense baby?!

After hours upon hours I found a few that suited me...

BUT! The one I finally found that excited me the most was this one!

Its been designed by one of my favorite artists,. Limezinnias Design! Her images are fantastic and I am so excited that I can carry around one of her pieces on my phone! So, moral of this post, if you get an iPhone, don't forget a fashionable case that can be a statement just as much as your shoes. Take a look here to find some awesome, jaw drop worthy cover for your iPhone, computer, or wall! -Ciao