In My Spot Light

I have been continually revisiting Elle mag's Met Gala 2012 Red Carpet article for the past couple of days. So many gorgeous people, wearing phenomenal clothes, all in one place. Everyone was dressed to the nines, wearing the latest and greatest color trends, shoes, and styles. Two beautiful women, each sparkling in very different ways, caught my attention, Dianna Agron and Lily Collins. Dianna AgronLily Collins

Their style and elegance sparked my curiosity to explore their fashion further back. I have seen them both in magazines and on-screen and thought they were trendy with their own twist on fashion, but today I took the time to find what it is I like the most about them.

Dianna's hair - It's always perfect. No matter the length, cut, or color, Dianna's hair is something every girl is envious of. Her longer locks made her seem like a model with a classic, gorg look. Her short, spunky bob adds maturity and elegance with a kick of attitude.



Dianna's Sexy Eyes - In addition to her shiny, golden locks, her makeup is always eye-catching. I love how she dons the smokey or cat eye and makes it look effortless.

Dianna's Sense of Style - When she isn't a Cheerio on Glee, Dianna always looks put together and knows what shape works for her body. Whether sporting boots and a beanie or a cute  sun dress you can tell she is confident with who she is.

On to Lily...

Lily's Bold Brows - The first thing that stands out to me about Lily is her dramatic eyebrows. Thick and dark, her eyebrows allow her face to be focal point. Paired with her eyes, her brows do more than provide a statement piece, they also express a variety of emotions adding to her characters.



Lily's Look-a-Like: When she wore short, side to do a double take. Lily immediately won my attention.swept bangs, Lily reminded me of my style idol, Audrey Hepburn. With her innocent, but oh-so-sultry face and dark hair wrapped in a knot, I had

Paris Anyone - Lily's casual style reminds me of something I would see in Paris. Simple yet chic. A lot of neutrals and staple pieces with a little bit of a twist to keep them interesting.


Because both of these girls make statements in simple ways, attempting to mimic their style ideas wont break the banks. The key to following these girls fashion forward trends is to be confident with yourself. Tell me what you like the most about Dianna and Lily. For now, its back to working on a Monday. -Ciao