closet clean out meets capsule wardrobe

with the holidays just wrapping up almost every one of my beloved stores were having major sales this month so my shopping senses were tingling. Madewell is 20% off $100 purchase and i mean, with up to 75% off at JCrew how do i not need that tulle ball skirt or that all sequin dress?! those sales are still going on by the way... here are some of my favorites from each. 

after adding everything to my cart and applying the discount i decided to keep my browser tab open and press pause on my buying decision. you see, i'm one of those 'you see it, you buy it' kind of girls with a closet full of gorgeous pieces, but i can't ever find something to wear... impossible you say? come hang out with me while i try to get dressed in the morning.

that's when i stumbled across this article from Camille Styles about creating a capsule wardrobe - you know, filling your closet with pieces you know you will wear all the time. i almost felt the lightbulb turn on. that's it! i need to be more selective with my purchases.

so this weekend, i spent Saturday cleaning out my closet. what do i wear often? what doesn't fit? what do i never touch? a huge pile of 'i loved you so much when we fit' and 'we just never really worked out' formed and i wanted to give each piece a new opportunity at life, so i've listed many of them in my Poshmark closet. while these might not be my capsule pieces, they might be yours! take a look - many are in great condition and just need a loving home. if they're not gone in a month (this i promise mostly to myself) they will be dropped off at my closest Goodwill. here's a sneak peak of some of my favorites! 

have you already mastered the art of a capsule wardrobe? what are some of your staple pieces? and where do you find you splurge the most? we'd love to know. share in the comments below!