silky hair goals

thank you Giphy for always having what i need

we've all been here; you wash your hair, blow dry and style to look your best and then you realize the ends of your hair feel fuzzy and the rest of your head looks something like a tumble weed compared to the sleek goal style. 

well, after many, many products (i'm sorry Jas for buying a new one every week) i've found the holy grails of sleek hair. 


i've included 3 different ones from 3 different creators because everyone's hair is a little different and might need special love.


if you need something daily to keep those ends looking glam, opt for Kristin Ess's weightless shine working serum. i'm not even kidding, it's a fantastic product. it smells delicate and soft while the zip-up technology smooths those splits ends back together. i profess more of my love of this product here if you're still not convinced. 

multiple times a week

Bumble and Bumble's save the day repair fluid truly makes your locks as soft as water with a gentle camilla scent. i wouldn't use this one daily as it makes it your hair impossible for up-dos, but if you want a waterfall of beautiful waves, this is perfect. 


want a pretty sheen, but don't have time to add product daily? Kevin Murphy's leave-in repair is a game changer then! i would use once every other week to keep your hair from feeling heavy and let your hair dry naturally for best results. quick and simple for heathy, happy hair. 

after trying each of these products i couldn't decide on just one, so now, you have 3 fantastic products that work perfectly into your usual routine. here's to always having good hair days!

inspiration image source: Kristin Ess's instagram
product images sited with each product name in the post.

have a products that makes your hair feel luscious and amazing? share it below!