just a little "me time"

recent favorites: sheet masks

there's one thing that i always make time for during the week, a good face mask. it doesn't matter how busy i am or what's going on, i will always stay up a little later, get up a little earlier so that i can have 10-30 minutes of just a sigh of relief. 

after doing this for a couple years now, i've been through my fair share of face masks. ones that smells wonderful, those that make your face sting, some that make you look crazy and others that are worth the hype. i tend to rotate between brands with limited loyalty, but here are a couple that are definitely worth every penny. oh! and these aren't in a particular order. 


gold foil mask


this one is relatively new to me, but its beautiful gold leaf exterior has made me ga ga for masque bar. never have i felt like such royalty and the fragrance is light and alluring. 

this mask goes on a cleansed face, sits for 20-30 minutes then comes off and leaves your skin feeling amazing and supple. not only is it great for you, its presentation makes it a great gift.


rose petal mask 


the individual rose petals are too cute to wear and are great for targeting specific areas, like your dry cheeks or delicate neck/chest. the petals vary in a couple sizes so you can place them just so and let them work their magic. 

but seriously, what girl doesn't love flowers? further more, what girl doesn't love roses? those of you who are raising your hands, don't worry, kocostar has nother "petal" masks that might be more your style; cucumberstrawberry? lemon, perhaps? 


dual rubber mask


alright, you're probably looking at the picture and are concerned. you're right, this mask is NOT flattering in the least, but boy does it make your skin feel incredible. 

this rubber mask is a two step process, with a "goop" you massage over your face before applying the two part mask. then relax for 30 minutes while this mask locks in the moisture. this rubber mask leaves your skin plump and hydrated upon removing with a slight sticky feeling; this one is great to use pre shower so that the remaining goop that may or may not have dissolved into your skin can be gently removed.. i did notice my skin was significantly less pink than when i started which makes it great pre-date night! 

these are only a few of the ones sitting in my bathroom cupboard at the moment and now that i think of it... it's about that time of the week ;) keep in mind that these masks work for me, but that doesn't always mean they'll work the same for you. it all depends on your skin type. but with my wonderfully horrible combination skin these have been fantastic to use. so kick back, put your feet up and spend some time on you with a relaxing face mask.


have you found something that you do almost religiously each week? something that is just yours and allows you to step away and take a break? comment below with your favorite "me time" activities OR if you have a mask suggestion send it on over!