favorites: seasonal candles

a cold wind is coming Atlanta’s way this week and for once, i cannot wait. i’m a summer girl, but i think being pregnant through the summer has made me wish for cooler temps more than i ever dreamed i could. with the weather change that means its time to break out the oversized sweaters, cozy blankets and spiced candles.

i can’t say i’m a candle collector; i don’t buy them very often, but each season, i do tend to snag at least one new scent. recently, i actually purchased a couple because i couldn’t decide on just one. here are a few of my favorites for fall!

fruits and warm spices

cabin by Lindbergh Candle Co : oh my goodness, if this doesn’t immediately make you think of mulled wine and apple cider, i don’t know what will. it’s like a warm blanket surrounds you when it burns. i simply LOVE it.

harvest apple by Trader Joe’s : this one is bright and crisp and smells just like fresh apples. imagine apple picking and freshly pressed apple juice and a chilly sunny day. this one is great to burn during the day if you want something vibrant in the air.

baltic amber by Anthropologie : so i actually don’t have this one at home, but i was walking through Anthropolgie the other day while it was burning and had to stop to find the fragrance. it was delightfully rich and sultry. a great date night candle.

orange amber by Hearth & Hand : this one is more subtle than the rest and i really notice the scent after i blow the candle out. its like smelling a strong spiced orange but a hint of florals.

woody, smoky, outside vibes

campfire by Hawk + Hatchet : this one smells exactly like its name. we tend to buy this one in the fall and winter since Jas loves it so much. we light it and place it on top of our little faux fireplace and it feels like we have our very own fire blazing in our apartment.

december morning by Lindbergh Candle Co. : with a subtle christmas tree scent mixed with spiced fruits, this one is the perfect transition candle into cooler temps. i like that it doesn’t smell too much like christmas, but just enough to get you excited. this one will be perfect when we move into november.


are there any candles you just can’t stop buying for fall? be sure to link your favorites in the comments. enjoy the burn!