upcoming event : Paideia School's 36th annual fine art & craft market




saturday, november 10, 2018 - (10am - 5pm)
sunday, november 11, 2018 - (12pm - 5pm)


Paideia School’s art center lobby & practice gym (corner of Oakdale & South Ponce de Leon)

on november 10 & 11th, Paideia School is hosting their 36th annual fine art & craft market and free in the lines work will be there! you can find out more about the show here.

this is the 3rd year i’ve participated and over the last two years i was blown away with the other artists’ work that is there. if you’re in the Atlanta area, this is the perfect place to support local artists and snag gifts for the holidays.

this year i will be bringing…

  • the usual pup, kitten & skyline prints

  • framed & unframed watercolor originals

  • acrylic originals

  • pins (some you’ve seen & some brand new)

  • surprise merchandise!

that’s right, the Paideia School’s fine art & craft fair will be the first time some new merchandise will be seen!! i’ll also be showing sneak peaks of specific pieces throughout all of october in my Instagram stories. be sure to stop in and take a look! if you want to check out some of the artists that will be participating this year, be sure to check out their Instagram.

note: this market will have all artists’ work displayed, but the artists themselves will not be there during the course of the show.