lost & found - creativity

where do you find your creativity? in the shower? right before bed? in your studio or specific room? do you feel like you’ve lost it? after 27 years and few months of feeling uninspired, i think i’ve found mine. 


i finally understand my creativity

it only took 27 years

right after the holiday rush, i felt I’d lost my creative desire - which was terrifying. i was questioning why i spent both money and time to create. had i been wasting my life? was i going the wrong direction? it took everything i had to get to work on time and not crash on the couch immediately coming home so how could i even begin to think about painting or designing? but with the recent return of warm weather i think I’ve discovered where I find myself being most creative - within the glorious rays of sunshine 

it seems silly, but winter weather truly bums me out. i feel trapped inside without an escape; that’s when i start to see my creative mojo wane... and rapidly. spring and summer on the other hand keep my creative juices energized and excited; i’m sitting outside writing this right now. now that i realize this, it’s my goal to make a change for the better to brighten up those times when i feel the creative tank empty. maybe I need to get a lamp or alarm clock that fakes sunlight. maybe it’s keeping bright colors in our apartment all year- who knows. thankfully I have a couple of seasons to figure it out. 

i’m not telling you this because sunshine is the answer for you too - i’m writing this as a documented statement of my findings and to tell you if you feel a loss of creativity, you’re not alone. 

whatever you do, don’t give up what makes you feel fulfilled. take a pto day and spend some time doing what you enjoy most - reading, biking, swimming, painting, writing... and see how you feel afterwards. notice the conditions you were in while you were living life. now, jot that down and tuck it somewhere where you can see if daily. remind yourself of that activity or time of day when you feel overwhelmed and beaten down. and remind yourself, so many others face this same thing. 

photo credit: Pinterest

how did you discover what makes you feel the most creative? do you feel like something missing now? comment below so we can work through it together. life’s always better with a buddy.