RAW Artists art show // 8.13.15

i feel like this month is just flying by! the art show is in... 13 days! and i still have so much to do. but for me, crunch time is my best time; it's when i shine and come up with my best solution or sleekest design. so i'm really excited about the new pieces i will have on display at the show! i can't tell you exactly what they will be but here is a gallery of a couple sneak peaks. 

these images are only the beginning; come out to the show to see what else I have hidden! 

last day for tickets is August 19th! tickets are $15 and can be bought through my artist profile page here.  there is a banner that says "I AM RAW" with yellow text "buy a ticket for this artist" and the Paramount showcase image. click either "buy a ticket for this artist" or the image. it's going to be a night of music, art and more! i can't wait to see you there.

> all images via Bing