hello 2018

looking back & moving forward

goodbye 2017, you will be missed

this year was one for the books for both my personal and professional life. while everything wasn't a fairytale, here are some of my favorite moments:

free in the lines accomplishments

personal accomplishments


hello 2018

my resolutions revolve around investing in my future, but not just financially: 

  • maintain a consistent beauty routine - this should have been something i started doing earlier in my life, but that's alright! i eventually made it :)
    • take make up off before bed
    • take vitamins daily
    • be selective with products
  • compress my stress - its easy for me to stress out even before the work week has started, but this year i am going to work on minimizing it so i can enjoy the day to day a little bit more
    • meal plan on sundays
    • use a planner all year

i'm really excited for what 2018 will hold and hope that you and yours have a wonderful new year. cheers!

do you have any resolutions for this year? let's hear them, comment below with what you're hoping to accomplish this year then we can hold each other accountable. 

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