resolutions for 2017

looking back at my 2016 resolution - enjoy the journey - i think i actually accomplished it this year. i believe i have been better about enjoying the quiet moments at home with Jas and Tucker. i have also been better about not wanting to just reach the end goal. 

the 2017 resolution for us

this year Jas and i are both going to try to spend less time on our phones. we both do it - get lost in our own digital worlds while sitting shoulder to shoulder on the couch. he plays his video games, reads reddit and twitter; i obsess over social media, my shop and email. but 2017 is going to be a time to focus on the present - on us. 

now, this isn't just some fluffy goal - we actually have solid plans to make this resolution happen. we plan to:

  • find a consistent place to leave our phones at the end of each work day - we are thinking next to our record player in the living room
  • we will allow for limited digital time on the weekends so we can catch up and do anything we need to - i mean, i gotta run free in the lines so i do need some time in the digital world

my personal 2017 resolutions

i do have a couple personal goals for this year:

  • complete my first ever photo album - no for real, i need to do this - i always stop halfway through
  • create a consistent and manageable writing schedule 
  • strategically meal prep each Sunday

i feel like once you say your goals out loud then they're instantly more real and more achievable. it's always valuable to find someone who can hold you accountable and push you to be better when trying to reach your goals - so if you want an accountability partner, let me be yours. comment below (or send me a direct message here if you want them to stay secret) and i will work to help you reach your goals. and by all means, keep me accountable as well!

i hope 2017 is good to you and even better than you expect.